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Paldesk is the web platform where PALFINGER, its Partners and Customers connect. By providing innovative software solutions we support and even extend physical PAFLINGER products and make your day to day work easier.

Apps & Public Content

Operator Monitor
The Operator Monitor supports the operator in his daily work. A digital maintenance checklist, the helpful Job-Planner and many more features enable efficient, safe and smooth operation of the PALFINGER product.
Palfinger XR
The PALFINGER XR App uses state-of-the-art augmented and virtual reality technologies, to experience the latest PALFINGER products in a way never seen before.
The PALREMOTE software is a remote diagnosis tool, that supports dealers and service workshops all over the world, if they face technical & software related problems.
The PALCODE App provides the complete status- and error code database of PALFINGER products. Registered and authorized PALDESK users can further get access to additional information.